Scooter Accident Claims

Scooters have become an easy and affordable means of transport for many people. However, just like other motor vehicles on the road, scooters are likely to be involved in accidents. These accidents may result in injuries which may leave a person eligible for compensations. Let’s say that you are riding a scooter, are on the correct side of the road and riding at a speed of 25mph in a 30mph designated area. This means that you are observing all the rules, are not over speeding and you are wearing protective equipments as required by the law. Suddenly, another road user, driving a Land Rover Discovery hits you from the side causing you to fall over onto the road. You are injured and need medical attention as soon as possible. This type of accident is one that you were almost 100% not at fault. In such a case, you may be eligible to make a scooter accident claim that may lead to some form of compensation.

What types of injuries occur in a scooter accident?

In such a scooter accident, the types of injuries that one might incur are several. In fact, an accident where a person falls off the scooter is very risky and may even be fatal. First, this type of accident is likely to cause head and neck injuries. As a result of being hit by a vehicle, one might sustain injuries to the head from the impact. In addition, if a person falls head-first onto the road, head and neck injuries are unavoidable. Secondly, one might have broken bones especially on the limbs. A scooter accident such as the one described above may result in broken legs or hands depending on the impact and how the victim hits the road. Moreover, a victim of a scooter accident may also have serious cuts and grazes on different parts of the body. The injuries may be less or worse than the ones described here. All these injuries can be the basis of a scooter accident claim for compensations.

Can I claim compensation for an accident on my scooter and what should I do?

Before a person can make a scooter accident claim, there are certain requirements that need to be met. The success of the compensation claim depends on a person’s ability to prove that they were not at fault when the accident occurred. It is important to seek a diagnosis before making a claim. After such an accident as the one described above, the first thing is to seek medical attention. Ensure that you have all the medical records from the first to the last visit. In addition, it is important for a person to have their doctor’s contact information. The victim should also include details on whether the treatment is over or is still continuing. All the medical tests performed should also be compiled to have a better view of the impact of the accident on a person’s life. If the accident resulted in missed days from work, it is important for the victim to have proof from the employer. All these details are crucial for viable scooter accident claims.

How much can I claim for my scooter accident?

The amount of compensation depends on the extent of the injuries. For example, head injuries resulting in minor head injury can fetch £1,400-£8,100. For those who experience severe post traumatic syndrome after a scooter accident, compensation can vary between £40,000 and £60,000. Facial injuries such as those mentioned above may fetch between £2,500 and £62,000 depending on the gender of the victim. Severe leg injuries that may result from this accident may fetch £35,000-£54,000. The compensation amounts differ depending on individual cases.

Contact My Motorbike Accident Claim to start your claim!

After such an accident, the process of making a claim begins when one contacts a solicitor. The best advice for those involved in scooter accidents such as the one described here is to contact an accident claims solicitor first before contacting the insurance company. In many cases, insurance companies may seek to lay the blame on the victim in order to avoid compensation. On the other hand, solicitors will help you to assign who is at fault and they know who to seek compensation from.

No Win, No Fee!

In cases where the victim was not at fault, a no win no fee claim may be filed. In such a case, the accident claims solicitor will ensure that if the case is not won, there will be no fee paid to him. However, many legal companies have various factors that they use to decipher the eligibility of victims in making a no win no fee claim. Call us today on 0800 699 0079