Psychological Trauma

With so many technological advancements in this era, accidents have become the order of the day; at work, on our roads and basically everywhere. Whenever one is involved in an accident, there are so many side effects that come with it whether physical, emotional and psychological and even worse death. One very common type of accident is the motorbike accident. Besides the injuries incurred, psychological trauma after motorbike accidents is natural but not normal thus should be treated with the seriousness it deserves. Most people consider this as a normal transition to complete healing but if ignored and no help found regarding this, it may negatively affect the quality of life lived by an individual.

In addition to the treatment of physical and psychological injuries incurred from the accident, the victims of motorbike accidents should also consider seeking compensation for the injuries incurred, damages to your motorbike and other equipment like the helmet, modification of your home in case of disability and loss of earnings due to sickness or injuries.

Psychological trauma after a motorbike accident may be manifested through the following symptoms:

  • Re-living of accident events after motorbike accidents for example recurring nightmares or increased phobia and stress when exposed to reminders of that particular incident.
  • Avoidance behaviour for example a sudden fear and avoidance of cycling, riding a motorbike or places or situations related to the accident for example busy roads.
  • Involuntary reactions like irritability, anxiety, exaggerated behavioural reactions, insomnia, withdrawal or even hyper-arousal.

Though at first, these symptoms are natural to any victim of an accident, if they last more than a month to three months depending on an individual, then medical help should be considered. A medical diagnosis should be made by a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist. These symptoms are mainly divided into severe symptoms and mild to moderate symptoms. You should also get a medical report of both your mental and physical injuries to help you in making a compensation claim. It also helps to keep a journal of your day to day effects of your injuries, sleep patterns, how often you think about the accident and your general mental and physical well being. The recovery process usually takes a long time but it is advisable that you allow yourself to recover at your own pace instead of forcing yourself into your former normal routine before being involved in the accident.

Depending on the concerned authorities and the laws of your country, there are different motorbike accident claims you can make ranging from physical injuries, damages to equipment to the negative effects of the accident on your daily activities. Since motorbikes are small, they provide very little protection to the rider and in case of a collision, there is a higher chance of experiencing traumas and injuries. The following are examples of claims made for different types and levels of injuries incurred in the UK in 2013. The compensation claims mainly depend on the severity of the initial injury or pain, the duration taken for the pain or injury to heal and the type or location of the injury.

Head injuries.

  • Minor head injuries with pains lasting up to a few years- £1,400 to £8,500
  • Minor head injuries with continuing problems for example personality change- £10,000 to £28,000
  • Most severe head injuries- £265,000

Back injuries.

  • Back damage with minor pain up to 2 years- £5,200
  • Back damage with minor pain up to 5 years- £5,200 to £8,300
  • Back injuries causing permanent disability- Up to £111,000
  • Back damage causing Paraplegia (paralysis of the lower part of the body)- £144,000 to £187,000
  • Back damage causing Quadriplegia (paralysis of all limbs)- £212,000 to £265,000

Forearm injuries.

  • Simple fracture with a small ongoing disability or deformity- £4,300 to £12,500
  • Complicated fracture with a significant ongoing disability or deformity- £12,500 to £25,000
  • More severe fracture with permanent disability or amputation- Up to £84,000

Leg injuries.

  • Simple fracture of tibia or fibular with complete recovery- Up to £6,000
  • Simple fracture of femur with complete recovery- £6,000 to £9,200
  • Fracture with incomplete recovery- Up to £18,300
  • More severe injuries- Up to £90,000
  • Amputation- £185,000

RTA Psychiatric injuries.

An example of this kind of injury is the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Minor disorder- £1,000 to £3,900
  • Severe disorder- Up to £76,000

In cases of multiple injuries, your compensation will be calculated within the bracket of the most severe injury and usually, the highest end of the bracket is claimed.

Though you may have a hard time coming to terms with the PTSD symptoms after a motorbike accident, it helps to get a diagnosis done by a clinical psychologist or a trained psychiatrist who knows exactly what tests are necessary to prove this disorder. This will not only help in the correct treatment prescription but will also make the claiming process easier and faster. Speaking to a specialist cycling or motorcycle accident solicitor will help you know exactly what steps to take on making a claim. With the help of a lawyer or an attorney, your solicitor will be able to claim the maximum amount of compensation basing on the kind of injury, trauma or financial losses incurred during the accident.

If you are enthusiastic about making your compensation claim, then you should talk to your solicitor and give all possible details of the accident. This will help determine if you are eligible for compensation or not because unfortunately, if your evidence is not convincing enough, then you risk losing that compensation that is, “No win, no fee”. A good solicitor or lawyer will usually strive to prove your side of the story right as long as there is enough evidence. It also helps to give the name and address of any witness or the registration of the vehicle or motorcycle involved in the accident if possible. You should research with your authorities on the best solicitors or lawyers or attorneys to help you in making your compensation claim. There are also some that can be found over the internet but you should be very careful in making your choice.

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