Protective Equipment

Motorcycles are increasingly becoming the most fancied mode of transportation mainly because of convenience, adventure and overall riding experience. The freedom from traffic jams and bus crowds has led many UK citizens to buy motorbikes and there are also many enthusiast groups that just love cycling. Unfortunately, many accidents involved in roads involve motorbikes which raise concerns. Protective gear may provide remedy, but the extent of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident becomes higher when faulty protective biker clothing is used. This is sadly typical of most reported cases. Accidents that involve faulty protective gear are often fatal since bikers assume their protection is sufficient only to crush and suffer severe injuries. It is therefore important for bikers to purchase genuine protective gear that is certified by the transportation ministry. These include heavy leather jackets, helmets, shatter-proof goggles, full length leather pants, gloves and sturdy boots among others. Luckily, one can claim compensations for injuries sustained including hospital bills, psychological trauma, loss of work time and damages to motorcycle.

Actions to be taken

Staying focused after an accident can be very difficult, particularly when faced with the realization that no protection was offered due to faulty clothing. The trauma, pain and damages made may quickly cause loss of consciousness which is very dangerous. It is always important to call for assistance immediately and seek diagnosis to identify the level of injury sustained. The doctors will examine head sections as well as arms and legs. The health facility should provide all the receipts of payments and diagnosis results. This is what will be used to make compensation claims. After diagnosis and recovery, the victim can begin filling for compensation under the personal injury provision allowed for UK citizens.

Liabilities in compensation

The trickiest area of making a motorcycle accident compensation claim is proving innocence. It is difficult to receive sufficient compensation if it is determined that you were the guilty party in the cause of accident. Faulty biker clothing may further present an opportunity to lose the case from claims on ignorance or irresponsibility. This does not however mean those whose injury severities are as a result of faulty protective biker clothing cannot receive compensation. The manufacturers of such clothing can also be traced and prosecuted for their failure to meet required statutory standard. Victims should have sufficient proof to show that they were not responsible for the accident and provide all necessary proofs for expenses incurred. They can then file for compensation through solicitors.

Making compensation claims

Once victims have the above proofs, they can approach a soliciting company for a No-Win-No-Fee (NWNF) service. The solicitors will handle the proceedings from there, including negotiations with guilty parties and attending court sessions. Usually, there is no fee required before the case is through and closed. If the complaint is refused, victims will also not be required to pay anything under the NWNF plan. When the case is won and compensation is approved, the solicitor retains a small percentage of the money as payment for their services. However, the larger portion is awarded to victims. Compensation claims should be made for all damages and related expenses. This includes medical bills, traumas and family involvement, lost earnings during the treatment and healing period, damages to motorbike as well as future complications.

Amounts payable

The amount of compensation payable to successful claim depends on the level of injuries sustained and provable expenses. This may range from £20,000 for mild injuries and damages to £250,000 for fatal paralysing accidents that may render one incapable of self care.


Faulty protective biker clothing may result in worse injuries that would have only been minor cuts in motorcycle accidents. It is important to verify the quality of protective gear before purchase to ensure they are of certified standards. They should also be of visible colour to allow other motorist to see you from a distance. When involved in an accident, try to maintain focus and consciousness to enable you to seek immediate assistance. After diagnosis and recovery, approach soliciting companies and file for compensations. Motorcycle accidents can happen to any biker due to many conditions that include bad roads, faulty signs and other motorists’ mistakes. Preventable accidents involving personal mistakes and negligence should however be avoided. Ensure the motorbike is in optimum conditions and protective clothing is of accepted standard.

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