Pothole Accident Claims

Have you been cruising and all of a sudden your motorbike jams right into a pothole? When the pothole was shallow, then you will definitely feel like you’ve just taken a tumble in your vehicle. If you are unlucky and also the pothole was deeper and wider, your vehicle might sustain heavy harm to the suspension and you can even engage in an accident on the road.

What’s the reason for a pothole and how come there a lot of them on the highway?

A pothole is a kind of defect on the top of road where an element of the road has deteriorated over time. One of the main causes for the deepening of a pothole is ice. Ice can cause the pothole to deepen and get wider due to temperature changes.

In the colder weather changes a pothole can soak up the water from the road and store it in cracks in the surface. Then as the water freezes then it expands, causing those cracks to widen and eventually the surface will begin to crumble, causing the pothole to get bigger or deeper. This type of hazard can cause serious injury to a motorbike user (or any vehicle user in fact) seeing as they are hard to see, especially at night.

Remember, all it takes is one small crack in the surface and that crack will develop into a road hazard, so if you see anything of the like out there then make sure to report it straight away, you could save a life by doing that simple deed.

Potholes also get made worse by the bigger vehicles that hit the pothole. As the road surface crumbles imagine a wagon hitting the pothole. Due to the weight of the load it can cause a big chunk of the road surface to break away making that already dangerous hazard even more dangerous. Please take care when driving or riding your motorbike. A pothole is most dangerous for a motorbike user.

However, some people are not as lucky and have been injured because of a pothole in the road surface. If this applies to you and you have suffered an injury then you will be eligible for compensation. A pothole in the road is only the fault of the authorities that are supposed to repair the damage. We can give you the best advice on taking your claim forward, so please call us today (FREEPHONE) on 0800 699 0079.

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