Motorbike Rear-End Shunt

When a car gets rear-ended the occupants are protected to a large extent by the metal framework and crumple zones in their car. However for a motorcyclist there is almost no protection whatsoever. Hence it is far more injurious for motorcyclists when they are involved in road accidents. The injuries that they will suffer from a rear-end accident are not merely from the impact. This impact can be severe from being literally thrown out of the bike into incoming traffic or any other object on the road. Especially if you get rear ended at traffic lights!

At Tylers Solicitors we have a team of specialists who are experts in resolving compensation claims for motor bike rear-end accidents. You will have a number of problems to deal with post-accident like body injuries, financial burdens all resulting from medical bills, damage to your vehicle and loss of income. You can depend on us to get the maximum amount of compensation for your accident.

Getting injury claims for your motorcycle rear end claims

You can suffer from a rear-end accident almost anywhere. This could be in a parking lot, at a traffic light, on a highway or freeway. Irrespective of this you should get in touch with us immediately. You should seek immediate consultation to get an understanding of what strategy would work for you to recover the maximum amount of damages. We can help you to evaluate your accident and provide you honest and up to date communication on your case. If the liable party does not agree to a settlement that we feel is not beneficial to you, we can help you get this matter resolved through the courts.

Getting repairs and replacements

As part of your compensation claim you are liable to receive any form of repairs or replacements that your bike may require. Especially since we know that these expenses can be quite expensive. So if your tail lights have broken, or there has been damage to your exhaust or paint or any other form of bike damage, you can get these replaced or repaired as per your requirement. These claim components will be separate from any personal injuries you may have suffered as a result of your accident.

Types of body injuries caused by rear-end collisions

For a motorcyclist rear-end collision can cause injuries to your neck, head and spinal cord apart from breaking or fracturing your bones. With these injuries you can suffer from loss of movement in your limbs or be left with chronic debilitating pain. We have expert medical consultants who will help us to understand the long term effects of the injury on your body. They can also help us give the estimate of the medical costs that treatment for such injuries will cause. Also they advise us if the injuries will lead to any loss of income, which need to be compensated as well.


You can learn about all your compensation claim options after a rear end motorcycle accident in the United Kingdom. You can get a FREE initial consultation from us. We aim to provide you a service that is personalised to your unique case. Call Tylers Solicitors today onĀ 0800 699 0079.