Moped Accident Claim

Over the years, moped have become common in the society and people enjoy riding them, nevertheless, there have been several accidents involved with the moped. Some time back, only a few people who could afford would sue for compensation of the accidents involved.

How Are You Eligible For a Moped Accident Claim?

In recent times, moped riders, just like any other road users, are under law protection. This is to make sure that there is safety on the roads. In many situations, moped riders are usually wrongly accused or blamed in case of an accident. Nevertheless, if the accident was not your fault and there is apparent evidence for it, you can qualify for moped accident claims.

In situations of moped accidents, it could be the carelessness of someone else or simply, you, as a moped rider is not responsible for the accident. A moped is more or less the same as motorbikes, it is comparatively a small vehicle and it gives it always makes a rider vulnerable. It offers less protection to the rider in an accident. When a rider is hit by a larger vehicle, the effects could be extreme and may lead to cases such as severe head injuries or broken bones. When you are involved in a lethal accident, you most definitely have a psychiatric damage.

What Should You Do When You Have Had An Injury (Prior to filing a claim)?

Before you can even seek for a solicitor, you must first of all have some examinations carried by a doctor. The damages that you have incurred will determine the type of examination that you should receive. Normally, an average test for injuries will take between 20 minutes to 1 hour. The medical practitioner will have to do a thorough examination. The doctor should provide you with a detailed report on all the injuries that you have incurred so that your solicitor can commence your moped accident claims.

What Amount Will You Receive For Your Compensation?

In the UK, the overall amount of every injury will not be summed up for you to know your anticipated compensation.

  • If you have back injuries with pains that have lasted for about 5 years, you will be eligible to between £5,200 and £8,300, which is the Value Bracket.
  • For slight post traumatic stress, you will receive compensation of between £1,000 – £3,900.

For you to evaluate the compensation amount, you will look at the bigger Value Bracket and claim that lower Value Bracket should push your compensation to the highest end of the bracket. That is, you use the bracket of between £5,200 and £8,300 and claim the £1,000 – £3,900 bracket be pushed to £8,300.

How To Claim

When it comes to claiming for a moped accident compensation, the work is mostly in the hands of the solicitor. In some parts of the UK, especially Wales and England, the legal claiming cost may be included as part of your compensation. Therefore, you will not be needed to pay anything.

When you use a no win, no fee agreement, the solicitor should take the risks of your claim and lose every legal costs, which will not be charged to you. The solicitor should understand the necessary proofs that show all your losses and validate the highest compensation amount that you should receive.

What is a No Win, No Fee?

In this situation, the solicitors take your position in the moped accident claims process. In this case, they represent you knowing that they will not be paid for anything, if they lose the case. On the other hand, they will only receive payments if they win the claim. In other words, a no win, no fee is generally a Conditional Fee Arrangement. If your solicitor wins the case, they will recover every cost from the various parties and their insurers and from an already agreed fraction of the compensations you will receive.

As a moped accident victim, you have all the right claim a compensation. However, the moped accident claims only apply when there is enough evidence that you, as the rider is not responsible for the accident. When hiring a solicitor, you need to understand that you can either pay nothing, or pay heavily in accordance to your pre-agreed terms. Which is a great way of handling moped accident claims. Call us today on 0800 699 0079 to start your claim.