Hit And Run Claims

Sometime a vehicle causes an accident and drives away without stopping. If this happens with the driver knowing that it may have caused damage, it is considered to be a hit and run accident. Such an accident can be between two vehicles, a vehicle and a property or a person on the street. In most cases the driver will not stop knowing that they have caused considerable damage, and to avoid prosecution. At such times it will be very challenging for you to file a compensation claim, as you have no information on the car that hit you. At Tylers Solicitors we can help you to identify the best course of action for your specific case.

How should you proceed if you are involved in a hit and run case

If you are involved in a hit and run accident we advice all our clients to first pull over and check for damages. Even though you may want to pursue the other driver we suggest DO NOT DO IT. Calmly record as many details as you can.

  • The make, color, model, license plate number of the car that hit you
  • Any description of the occupants of the car
  • Where and when the incident happened
  • Contact details of any witness who may have witnessed the accident
  • Also note how the event happened and where the other car went

Once you are done, call the police and get in touch with us immediately we can help you, to get the ball rolling. We can help you figure out the strategy which will help you obtain the maximum compensation.


Dealing with hit and run accidents where the driver is untraced

If the driver is untraced, you may think that you cannot get any compensation. Especially if you’re not insured for this type of circumstance, it can be very difficult. However, you can claim for compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau. MIB has very strict rules and they are regulated by a different set of regulations and timelines. The normal standards that apply to compensation claims for hit and run accidents are not applicable here. We can help you maneuver your way through these rules and regulations to help establish a successful claim.

If you have taken down the car details

In many cases of hit and run, the victim or passerby’s may have been able to take down the car’s license plate numbers. This can help the police to track down the owner and then we can help you to process your compensation claims. In this case we would get the owner / driver to pay damages for any personal or otherwise.

What damages can you claim

If the accident has caused any damage to your vehicle then you can claim compensation for any repairs or replacements. If your property has been damaged then any constructional repairs have to be done they will be taken care of. All personal injuries and loss of income compensation claims can also be applied for.

You can learn about all your compensation claim options after a fender bender accident in the United Kingdom. You can receive a FREE initial consultation from us. We aim to provide you a service that is personalised to your unique case.