Head Injury

An accident can result in various injuries depending with the magnitude of the accident and the type of collision involved. A motorcycle accident-head injury could result in several degrees of injuries from minimal to serious injuries, depending on the severity of the accident. If the accident was caused due to the negligence of another party, you can be able to seek compensation for the injuries you sustained in the accident from that party.

Head injuries include an injury to the brain or a concussion. An injury to the brain can only be sustained in a fatal accident and it is life-threatening. A concussion on the other hand is caused by a closed head wound which is caused by a blunt force trauma on to the head and it is not considered as life-threatening. However, it may have some short or long term complications. When seeking for compensation, it is advisable to list these complications in the claim so as to be adequately compensated. Concussion has several symptoms and signs and they consist of a blurry vision, a short-term loss of memory, dizziness or headache, losing consciousness immediately after the impact of the accident, nausea or vomiting and being in a state of confusion.

Before making a claim, one ought to undergo a medical examination, which seeks to rule out other injuries. In order to ascertain injuries to the head, the best method or procedure to use would be the CT scan. This CT scan is able to assess a head injury in the best way possible in order to have the correct facts in your medical report. The CT scan is the most efficient as it administers an x-ray of the skull in a cross-sectional manner. This captures all the injuries or complications that could be present in the patient’s head clearly. The doctor then looks for any signs of bleeding or any other noticeable complication. These results of the CT scan are what your lawyer would rely on to convince the jury and the judge that you ought to get a compensation for the injuries you suffered during the accident.

Sustaining a concussion in a motorcycle accident-head injury most of the time is unfortunate as far as getting a compensation award is concerned. Most insurance companies and advocates try to argue that the severity of such concussions were not so grievous to warrant the award of a tidy amount in compensation. They often overlook lots of evidence which could point that the concussion could later develop to a serious injury to the brain. It is therefore important that you hire a competent injury lawyer to convince the court of the impeding danger so as to get a good compensation.

In the United Kingdom, before you make a claim for any type of injuries, they ought to be recorded by a medical expert in a report if they are to be used as part of your compensation claim. The amounts in compensation that you could be able to claim for injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents, as per the 2013 approximate amounts, are listed below. Despite the fact that when riding in a motorcycle both the rider and the passenger wear helmets, one could still suffer from a head injury in case of an accident. The amount to be claimed for depends on the severity of the injury, the time the pain lasts and whether the accident occasioned brain injury.
A minor head injury with a few weeks of pain could lead to a settlement of around £1,400 to £ 8,500. For a head injury that could lead to minor brain injury coupled with continuing problems like a personality change could attract a settlement of around £10,000 to £28,000. For the most severe injury to the brain the settlement could lead to an average payout of up to £265,000.

Whenever you or your loved one suffers from a motorcycle accident-head injury, you should contact a personal injury lawyer who could be able to file a compensation claim on your behalf. You could also visit their websites where they could be able to offer advice on how to file a compensation for a motor bike accident injury. There are some personal injury lawyers who offer their litigation services on a no win no fee basis. This means that you could not be liable to pay them legal fees in case you lose your compensation claim. However, when you win, you will be expected to pay the fees.

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