Diesel Spill Accident Claims

More often than not most people assume that if someone falls off their bikes due to a diesel spill, then they cannot make bike accident claims. This however is not correct and it can cost you a lot of money lost in compensation which you would otherwise have received. As a bike rider you can get compensation if you are able to prove that the diesel spill happened due to the negligence of an untraced road user.

Diesel spills are one of the most key dangers that motorcyclists face when on the road. Just like black ice a diesel slick is hard to see on the road especially if you are riding high speed on a highway. In general diesel spills are caused when drivers have accidently overfilled (necking) the tank or not closed the fuel tank correctly. This situation becomes even more difficult during the rainy season as the oils float to the surface of the puddles making it even more slippery. In essence a slick may have been on the road for a few days without causing trouble but the rain makes it a road hazard.

With these kinds of accidents you can claim compensation for damage to property and loss of earnings due to personal injuries. However in order to do so you have to make the claim in time and should have a police report regarding your accident.


We are one the leading experts in claiming compensation for diesel spills in the United Kingdom. With our team of experts we can ensure that your claims are made in time and your work at the police station is kept to the minimum. Get in touch with us and we can take care of the rest of the compensation process for you. We will assist you in getting compensation for your financial as well as personal losses.

What can you expect in terms of compensation?

If a motorcyclist is injured due to a diesel spill & if they can show that it happened (with a chance of more than 50%) due to the negligence of an untraced user then they can claim compensation. We have successfully handled a number of diesel spill accident claims and won compensations for our clients.

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