Amputation Claims

Motorcycle accidents are quite devastating. When they occur, which is very common according to statistics, they result in huge medical and financial burdens. Victims are left with the burden of meeting medical bills for treatment of the resulting injuries. Worse still, the injuries may be quite fatal, even making amputation necessary in many cases.

The rider however does not have to carry the burden if the accident is as a result of someone else’s fault. There are set out legal procedures to be followed to allow amputation motorbike injury compensation claims.

The severity in motorbike accidents

Motorbike riders face a greater risk of body harm in cases of accidents as compared to other road users. This is made so partly by the fact that the rider’s whole body is usually prone to contact with the ground and other objects therein.

Depending on the severity of the accident, riders are left in a devastating condition. In most cases, amputation is usually found necessary owing to the severity of the injuries. This is usually because the body’s fragility sees the limbs get totally crushed or even torn off the body in extreme cases, making them a liability to the body.

This, on top of everything else, results in a drastic change in the rider’s lifestyle. However, albeit irreplaceable, the victim has the right to fight for justice for the loss of any limb emanating from the accident so long as the accident was a result of another person’s negligence.

Making amputation motorbike injury compensation claims

The procedure for making legal compensation claims for a motorbike accident resulting in amputation is well set out. As much as compensation claims should be pursued as soon as possible following the accident, it is important to remember that your body is of greater value. As such, the first thing that should be done in such a case should be seeking medical assistance.

After that, you may proceed to filing the legal forms. You will however be required to prove that the accident was indeed as a result of someone else’s fault. This entails getting medical reports backing this, testimonies from eye witnesses and proof from forensic experts supporting your claim. It may however be hard for someone in such a condition to get all this accomplished, that’s why it is always advisable to make use of solicitors.

Getting the right personal injury solicitor to cover you

It is crucial to ensure that you get a competent solicitor to represent your compensation claim for amputation motorbike injury.
To ensure that you make the right choice, you should consider several factors regarding the solicitor. These include:

  • Their experience in the specific legal niche.
  • Their record. More often than not, solicitors with a high frequency of settling the claims successfully will be at a better place to handle your case.
  • It is also important to realize that you get what you pay for. As such, avoid going for the cheapest solicitor in town as he/she may also be the worst. At the same time, do not stretch your financial capabilities trying to meet the solicitor’s fee.

What you stand to get

In cases of compensations for accidents, the amount due to the victim is usually determined by the extent of the injury itself. An amputation is however usually considered severe, being the most severe scenario in most instances.

An amputation motorbike injury should see you get compensation values ranging from £170,000 – £200,000. Statistics deducted from such previous cases showed that amputation of any of the four limbs attracts compensation in the range of the above figure. The figure may further be affected by the length to which the limb had to be amputated, as well as the impact the amputation had on the victim’s lifestyle, financially and socially as well.

A case filed back in 2012 saw the affected rider get a compensation of £180,000 after successfully proving that the occurrence of the accident which saw him lose part of his right leg was as a result of another motorist.

Avoiding the financial expenses that come with making compensation claims

The legal procedure followed for making these claims may be long and expensive too. The victim however has the option to use a no-win-no-fee solicitor. This basically means that the victim is exempted from legal charges during the progress of the case in case the claim is not successfully settled.

On the other hand, if compensation is made, part of the fee is covered by the guilty party and another from the amount received as compensation. As such, do not hesitate to get justice for your injuries as well as the much required compensation to help you move on with your new life.

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